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Susan Straub-Martin: A Life Inspired by Water, Nature, and Art

Susan Straub-Martin's love for water, nature, and art began in her Michigan childhood, where summers were filled with swimming and exploring nature with her Granddad. She started drawing early on, capturing the beauty of the world around her.

Trips to Mackinac Island and art galleries in Petosky and Harbor Springs further shaped her artistic soul. Her family embarked on adventures in their Airstream trailer to National Parks, kindling her passion for drawing plants and animals.

Moving to Arizona for art studies, she later settled in San Diego, close to water and the renowned zoo. Her creative journey eventually led her to Seattle, where she found her home surrounded by inspiration.

Today, Susan creates art in her studio, an Airstream trailer by a peaceful lake. Her boundless curiosity continues to fuel her work as she explores the wonders of nature alongside her husband and beloved dog, Snickerdoodle. Through her art and stories, Susan Straub-Martin shares her passion, inviting young readers to discover the marvels of the world and space.

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