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Water, nature, the arts and curiosity, but most of all water. Growing up in Michigan I spent my summers swimming and learning about nature from my Granddad. I started to draw as soon as I could hold a crayon. I asked him about what we would see on our walks in the woods or on our fishing trips.


My mom, dad, brothers and I made a yearly trip to Mackinac Island where we would roam the gardens at the Grand Hotel. The gardens at the hotel were more formal, however the gardens around the island were more natural. 


Our family adventures also included trips to art galleries, in Petosky and Harbor Springs where I fell in love with art. These moments have shaped who I have become as an artist.

After my dad passed away, we broadened our summer adventures, traveling in an Airstream trailer to National Parks throughout the US and Canada.


By this point, I loved to draw, more than anything else and was inspired by the plants and animals we encountered.

Eventually we moved to Arizona where I studied art at the University of Arizona. Craving water, I left the desert with my husband and traveled west. We landed in San Diego and once again we were near the water I craved. 


San Diego also boasts one of the best zoos in the country. The perfect opportunity to learn more about animals both domestic and exotic. I was asked to create greeting cards and posters on behalf of the San Diego Zoo.

Next, we moved to the Seattle area–once again I was surrounded by water, art, and the woods. Home at last.


I create my art in my home studio, an Airstream trailer on a spring-fed lake surrounded by nature. I am as curious as ever and I find inspiration all around me every day.


I look forward to more travels with my husband and our dog Snickerdoodle.


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