Artist Statement

From the time I was young I loved color, pattern and design. I was inspired to create by my box of 64 Crayons. My young influencers were, Peter Max, Lilly Pulitzer, and Marimekko. 

After college and the invention of the Mac, I started to create pieces with more intricacy and pattern which I was able to do with multiple layers.


This led to my illustration style, I call Whimsical Digital Collage. I have taken my traditional art training and found a whole new toolbox. Like any other art tool, you need training, imagination, a good eye, passion and a sense of humor. Sometimes the biggest "mistakes" are what brings your style to life.

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© 1984-2020 Susan Straub-Martin.
If you are pinning or blogging PLEASE SHARE THE DESIGN LOVE, and give proper credit and link back to my website. Thank You! 

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