Art saved my life — twice. Most recently, it was the daily motivation for long days of occupational and physical 
therapy from an illness.  

I have spent 30+ years working in the graphic and instructional design arenas for companies like, Disney, Apple, Microsoft and T-Mobile. I created a line of children’s books and toys, but after my illness my art began to shift in a new direction.

With my background in design, I started to create patterns with simple iconic shapes or words to tell the story of my pieces. My subjects are simple, whimsical expressions of animals and flowers that use a diorama of layers that have dimension and heart. Some patterns take forty plus hours to create. Then I mix in paper, wood, cloth, and metal textures to bring the stories to life. Finally, I place the focus on my animal’s, and I nurture them until their love becomes the star. I have named my style - Whimsical Digital Collage.

I live in the PNW where inspiration is a way of life. I love to travel and experience the wonders of the country. My husband, dog Snickerdoodle and I recently purchased an Airstream to travel more.

Artist Bio

Self Portrait - Things that inspire me.