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My vision at Strauberry Studios & Gallery, is to create pieces that inspire joy in the hearts of viewers.


My mission is to bring my heart to every piece I create.

To deliver on my mission, I create, what I call Whimsical Digital Collage. With patterns created for each series I tell the stories of the flora and fauna of our wonderful world. Art should not be stuffy or aloof it should make you happy and bring you joy. 


Once a piece has sold to a client it is no longer available as a piece of wall art. Through my partnerships however you can still buy fun goodies for yourself and your home. Contact me directly for your signed piece today.

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© 1984-2021 Susan Straub-Martin.
If you are pinning or blogging PLEASE SHARE THE DESIGN LOVE, and give proper credit and link back to my website. Thank You! 

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