M is for Murder…a Murder of Crows

Written by Susan Straub-Martin

It was a dark and stormy night, and Christopher Crow was searching the buffet of food in the alley lit by the Space Needle. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time when shots rang out. One shot ricocheted and pierced Christopher’s heart. 


Detective Callahan was called to the scene to round up the usual suspects. He had Fred the flight risk, Justin just caws, Ida the innocent bystander, and Christina the eyewitness. Unbeknownst to Cornelius her brother, she was secretly in love with Christopher and she saw the whole thing go down. Cornelius was rounded up as well.

This particular alley had become of great concern to Detective Callahan as there had been a few murders in that spot. He wondered if they were connected to the gang war between the Murder Counting Crows and the Murder Captive Crows.


The Counting Crows leader was Christopher, the crow shot dead in the alley. The leader of the Captive Crows is Cornelius and one of the lead suspects in the murder. Cornelius knew the humans in the alley and he knew when they had had enough of the crow’s buffet. He was great a dodging their bullets when another "Murder" was around. It was the same as if Cornelius had shot the gun himself, he dodged the bullet and it killed a fellow crow.


Cornelius was placed in a lineup at the station with the usual suspects from his "Murder". Cornelius was called out by an eyewitness, he would later learn through his trial that his own sister had ratted him out.  He was sent to trial in front of Judge Carver and a "Murder" of his peers, with Crystal Crow, as the jury foreperson.

Christina was called to the stand, Cornelius believed she would set him free, but the prosecutor asked her just one question: “Who killed the Love of your life?” She broke down sobbing and said…my brother Cornelius. A gasp filled the courtroom. 


Judge Carver sentenced Cornelius and charged him with conspiracy to commit murder and he was found guilty and sent to trash island to scavenge for his life. For telling the truth, the other crows in their “Murder” made Christina the leader of the Captive Crows and Christopher’s death was vindicated, and he ascended to crow paradise to eat at the buffet of the remembered.

© 1984-2021 Susan Straub-Martin.
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